ScanVision Upgrade Exchange

ChiroEurope Malaga 2018 Special: Trade your battery ScanVisions for a brand new rechargeable ScanVision PLUS [+] Single.


  • Purchase your upgrade here.

  • Bring your battery ScanVisions and proof of payment with you to ChiroEurope Malaga 19-22 April and we will exchange your devices with a brand new Rechargeable ScanVision PLUS [+] on the spot. 

This offer is for current MyoVision battery powered customers only.

I'm interested but want more info. Who can I contact?

Give us a call, or email:

Call: (800) 969-6961

Email: [email protected]

I'm not attending ChiroEurope, but am still interested in upgrading.

No problem! Shoot us an email, and we'll work out the details! [email protected]

Can I buy a new ScanVision PLUS [+] without upgrading?

Absolutely! Email [email protected] and we'll reserve a system just for you!

Where's the value?

For $499 USD, you'll receive:

  • a BRAND NEW ScanVision PLUS ($1,500 USD value),
  • the latest version of software ($299/yr USD Value)
  • Charging Cables ($20 value)
  • Free light carrying case!

Not only is the single ScanVision PLUS [+] easier to use, you only need half the supplies!